For as long as I can remember, I've been in love with words: their meaning, their structure, their narratives, and the way they give us insight into both the world and ourselves. My life has followed where the words lead, as I earned a BA in English from SUNY Oswego, worked as an Assistant Producer at News10 ABC, and served as a writer and editor for the NYS Department of Financial Services. Through each of these experiences, I have sought to hone my skills as a writer in as many different styles as possible. I'll put that passion and curiosity to work for you, whether you need advertising copy to grow your business, targeted content for a blog, or even a second set of eyes to help you shape and edit that novel you've always wanted to write. A quality that sets me apart from other writers and editors you're likely to encounter is that I've always been empathetic. I truly enjoy connecting one-on-one with others, and this shows itself in how I relate to each client. One of the true joys of my job is getting to know every client and their particular need, and finding exactly the right tone and style to fit their individual audience and purpose. Every one of us has a million stories inside us. Let's get to work telling yours.